Abbigail Odor

Born and raised in Owen Sound, Ontario, Abbigail began her dance journey at the age of 5. Since then she has been trained extensively in the genres of Ballet, Acro, Modern/Contemporary, Lyrical, and Jazz. Through her years as a competitive dancer, she received multiple awards, scholarships and national titles, including being named the Luv2Dance 2018 Miss Teen Dancer of the Year. Throughout her training she has completed her Advanced 1 exam under the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. In addition to her dance training, Abbigail is an NCCP GO Level 1 certified gymnastics coach.

Currently, Abbigail has completed two years at York University, pursuing a BFA in Dance with a specialization in choreography and performance. Through her time at York, she has had the opportunity to learn and be inspired by influential choreographers and educators including Tracey Norman, Dr. Tanya Berg, and Brodie Stevenson. Shifting her focus to teaching and choreography in the last few years, her goal is to offer knowledge while allowing students to have space to integrate their own experiences and ideas about dance. She strives to maintain meaningful relationships with her students that are centered around open, honest communication and mutual respect. By creating an inclusive and safe educational environment, her hope is to provide meaningful opportunities for dancers to explore and grow at their own pace, while emphasizing that each dancer is so uniquely different and powerful. Abbigail is very excited to share and evolve her passion for dance with all of the students at EDA!