Choosing a Class for your Dancer

Not only does September signify the start of school, but for most dance studios it is also the beginning of a new season of dance. One of the most common questions during registration is “Which class should I register my child for?” For those who are new to the world of dance, not only will you have to choose which level and class time you would like, but you will also need to determine in which style you would like to enrol your dancer. With so many different genres available, how do you know which one to choose? For parents of younger children, a combination class is a great way to … [Read more...] about Choosing a Class for your Dancer

Four years into the entrepreneurial adventure

NewsForum readers first met dance studio owners Michele and Stephanie Mortimer in January 2012 when they were still in their first year of operation. As they start their fifth season, they reflect on the success Element Dance Arts (EDA) has achieved in such a short time. Like all good entrepreneurs, the Mortimers have had their hands full driving their business to become one of the region’s fastest growing and most well respected dance studios in the industry. “We have various program streams designed to provide each dancer with an experience that is catered to their dance goals,” says … [Read more...] about Four years into the entrepreneurial adventure

Choosing the Right Dance Studio

You have decided to register your child for dance class – now what?  If you’re anything like my own mother, who knew absolutely nothing about dancing, when her 3 year old daughter informed her that she “wanted to be a ballerina”, then you likely have no idea where to begin your search for a dance studio.  My mom’s solution was to pull out the phone book and enrol at the studio that was shown at the top of the alphabetical list.  These days there are not many people who still use an actual phone book, and countless more options on where to enrol your tiny dancer.  If you wish to find the … [Read more...] about Choosing the Right Dance Studio

More Than Just Dancing

Choosing to enrol your child in an extracurricular program can be a daunting task. With so many options to choose from nowadays, selecting an activity can prove to be overwhelming for some. So why choose dance? Whether your child is a once a week dancer wanting to dance recreationally, or a competitive dancer with dreams of becoming a professional in the field, dance classes can provide your child with a wealth of knowledge not only relevant to the dance studio, but to the world outside of dance and the lives they have ahead of them. Dance is a fusion of artistry and athleticism. … [Read more...] about More Than Just Dancing

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